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Day 16

February 17

Do the reading on pages 26 and 27. Do exercises 2,3,5 and 6 and answer the questions 1-6 on page 27.

Day 15

February 10

Fill in the 18 sentences with the correct modal. MODALS WORKSHEET

There will be a quiz next class.

Day 14

February 3

Review of modal verbs page 25 exercises 1,2,3 and 4.

El viernes 7 de febrero hay una MASTER CLASS y SIMULACRO DEL EXAMEN ORAL. Si quieres asistir, inscríbete AQUÍ

Day 13

January 27

Do the revision of unit 2 on page 23

Catch up on any homework you haven’t done.

Day 12

January 20

Write the article we planned in class.


Day 11

January 13

The next workshop is Friday, January 24. Sign up HERE!

Do the revision of past tenses on page 19 in your book, exercises 2,3 and 4. There is a grammar explanation on page 103 if you need it.

Finish the transformation handout I gave you in class.

Day 10

December 16

Finish the reading on pages 16-17 in your book. Review past tenses page 103. Do page 19 in your book.


Day 8

November 25

Fill out the form to sign up for the Workshop on Friday November 29th!

Study words from spelling exercise.

The next class there will be a condensed B2 exam.

Day 7

November 18

There will be a test on word formation from your book on page 15, so revise!

Copy and write the correct forms of the words given below.

  • Consume (noun)
  • Admit (noun)
  • Benefit (adjective)
  • Please (noun)
  • Polite (negative adjective)

Word formation: Change the word at the end of the sentence to fit in the gap.

  1. There seems to be a bit of ______ regarding the Science projects the students have to do. (confuse)
  2. The effort you make in class will be taken into ________ when the teacher gives you your final grade. (consider)
  3. The children were sent out of the classroom because of their terrible ________.  (behave)
  4. Not telling your parents what time you will be home at night is very ________.  (response)
  5. My girlfriend and I had several ________ while we were cooking together.  (argue)

Fill out the form to sign up for the Workshop on Friday November 29th!

Day 6 

November 11

Finish page 14, and write the informal letter and complete ALL of page 15 titled ‘revision’.

Day 5

November 4

Study the weather vocabulary from the handout we did in class for a quiz.

Complete all of page 6 in your workbook.


Day 4

October 28

Ponerte al día con los deberes de días anteriores

Study the character adjectives page 12 for a quiz.

Day 3

October 21st 

  1. Workbook Reading p.4 and grammar p.5.

Day 1

October 7

  1. Write 120-150 words about yourself. Include how you were as a child, what you like doing now and what your dreams are for the future. Use character adjectives, linkers and organize in paragraphs.
  2. Click here and finish the listening activity we started in class (Questions 3-8).  The answers are at the end of the listening.Bring answers to class.