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Day 16

February 17

  1. Write 5 comparative and 5 superlative sentences in your notebooks. 
  2. Learn Comparative and Superlative forms for a test next week.
  3. Complete Reading Part 1 on page 15 of your Workbook. Take note of any new vocabulary.

Day 15

February 10

  1. Write 10 sentences describing items of clothing using at least 3 adjectives like in exercise 3. Describe what you are wearing or what someone you now is wearing.
  2. Complete exercise 1 & 2 on page 12 of the workbook.

Day 14

February 03

  1. Complete page 13 of the workbook. 
  2. Learn the Clothes vocabulary words from number 2 page 22 for a test next week. 
  3. Write 8 sentences with the vocabulary from number 2 page 22 describing some of your clothes.
  4. El viernes 7 de febrero hay una MASTER CLASS y SIMULACRO DEL EXAMEN ORAL. Si quieres asistir, inscríbete AQUÍ

Day 13

January 27

  1. Write 10 sentences using the verbs from exercise 2 page 19 (To get, keep fit and healthy etc)
  2. Learn these verbs (exercise 2 page 19 for a test next week).
  3. Complete Reading Part 5 page 11 of the workbook.

Day 12

January 20

  1. Write 10 sentences using SO, BUT, BECAUSE and AND.
  2. Write 100 words for Writing Part 1, Page  13. Use the linking words and examples we did in class. 

The next workshop is Friday, January 24. Sign up HERE!

Day 11

January 13

  1. Create sentences with the vocabulary from the class: To succeed, to give in, to join in, polite, to burst into tears, rude, disappointment. 
  2. Complete page 8 of the Workbook.

Day 10

December 16


  1. Estudiar todos los verbos en el COMPACT book, en las páginas 114 y 115.  Debéis tenerlos memorizados ya. Habrá una prueba de todos estos verbos en enero.
  2. Completar esta worksheet – puedes imprimirla o escribir las respuestas en tu cuaderno.
  3. Escribir frases en tu cuaderno para las siguientes expresiones:  am/is interested in,  am/is really into, as/is keen on, am/is crazy about

Day 9

December 02

  1. Write your answers to the questions we formed in class from exercise 6, page 16 in the students book.
  2. Write a short story (70 words) using the past simple and past continuous.

Day 8

November 25

  1. Write sentences with the words from exercise 1 on page 36 in the workbook (secondary, primary, sixth form, boarding, state, public, private and nursery).
  2. Learn these words for a test next week. (secondary, primary, sixth form, boarding, state, public, private and nursery).
  3. Complete exercises 2, 3 and 5 on page 16 of your students book on past tenses.
  4. Fill out the form to sign up for the Workshop on Nov. 29.

Day 7

November 18

  1. Complete Reading Part 5 in the workbook on page 7. Write down 5 new words and their meaning in your notebooks to tell the class next week. 
  2. Complete number 5, 6 and 7 on page 10 of the Students book . 
  3. Write phrases with the verbs from number 7: can´t stand, enjoy, good at, hate, interested in and look forward to…

Day 6

November 11

1.  Write 8 sentences using: Have to, don´t have to, should, mustn’t about the rules at your school. 

2. Write 10 sentences using the vocabulary: Arrive late/early, attend classes, eat lunch, get good grades, go on a school trip, hand in homework, perform on a stage, take exams, take up a new activity, wear a uniform, work hard.

Day 5

November 04

  1. Write 10 sentences with Top floor, bottom floor, cupboard, bunkbed, the majority, comfortable, suitable, exchange, a dish and advice. 
  2. Complete page 6 from the students workbook. 
  3. Write down at least 5 new words from the Reading on page 6 of the students workbook.

Day 4

October 28

  1. Complete page 10 in the Compact Students book. Exercises 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6. 
  2. Write 10 sentences using the vocabulary: canteen, classroom, gym, hall, IT room, playground, reception, science lab, sports field and tennis courts.

Day 3

October 21

  1. Write 10 phrases with the expressions from class: To be keen on, to be looking forward to, to be interested in, to be good at, to be afraid of. Use both versions, noun and ING. 
  2. Complete page 5 in the Compact workbook. 
  3. Learn the School vocabulary from page 4 Workbook for a test next week.

Day 2

October 14

  1. Write 75 words about yourself similar to the paragraph about Javi on page 6 that we studied in the class. Include the expressions: Although, I´m keen on, I´m not great at, I enjoy + ING.
  2. Write a paragraph about the type of school you go to and which is your favourite class and why.

Day 1

October 7

  1. In your notebook, write 5 questions you would ask a new friend at school.  Example: What do you like to do at the weekend?
  2. What did you do this summer?  In your notebook, write at least 10 sentences telling Sarah what you did during the summer holiday.  Where did you go?  What did you do? How did you feel?  What was your favorite moment?
  3. Every week, please bring a folder, a notebook, and a pencil case with pens and pencils, an eraser and colored pencils.  See you next week!