Si tienes preguntas o dudas, mándanos un  

Day 19

February 19

  1. Write 10 phrases with play, go or do plus the sport  from page 24.
  2. Complete page 17 in the workbook.

Day 18

February 12

  1. Learn all the words in the box of the worksheet Prepositions of likes and dislikes  from class for a test next week. 
  2. Write phrases with all the words in the box from the Prepositions of likes and dislikes worksheet from class. 
  3. Write sentences with the walk, sit, carry, take a picture, serve, wait, eat, chat, make and learn them in the past simple in your notebooks.

Day 17

February 05

  1. Complete this writing part 9 task. Write a short note responding to your friend, Emily, and answer the questions in about 25-35 words. 
    1. I love going to the shops in the center of my town. What about you? Do you like shopping in the center of your town? What’s your favorite shop? Who do you go shopping with?
  2. Write in your notebooks: What is your favourite food? Where do you usually have lunch? Who cooks in your house? 

Day 16

January 29

  1. Complete page 12 and 13 of the Workbook.

Day 15

January 22

  1. Write a paragraph about where you eat breakfast, what time and what you usually eat. 
  2. Write about your house and describe what you have in each room using the furniture words from page 18. 
  3. Learn the Vocabulary from page 18 for a Test next week. (Bed, bookshelf, chair, cooker, cupboard, fridge…)

Day 14

January 15

    1. Escribe un párrafo como el exam task 3 de la pagina 17. Escribe 75 palabras.
    2. Escribe 5 frases sobre lo que te gusta hacer en tu tiempo libre.



Day 13

January 08

  1. PRUEBA: Memoriza la lista del vocabulario de CLOTHES que habéis apuntado en el cuaderno. 
  2. Escribe 10 frases con el vocabulario nuevo de CLOTHES sobre que lleva personas famosas o personas que conocéis.

Day 12

December 18

Write 100 words about your best Christmas and Christmas holiday, describing what you did, who you were with, where you went and why it was so special.  Use past simple, and refer to your past simple charts for any irregular verbs!

Day 11

December 11

  1. Create 5 phrases with would you like to….? Like we did in class on page 14 exercise 5.
  2. Write phrases with the words: good- looking, famous, difficult, hard, afraid, attractive, correct, glad, scared, happy, well-known and right.

Day 10

December 04

  1. Complete Reading Part 3 on page 10 of the Workbook. 
  2. Write 10 sentences with always, sometimes, often, never, everyday and once a week in your notebook.

Day 9

November 27

  1. Complete exercise 2 page 9 of the Workbook. 
  2. In your notebook write sentences from the phrases from exercise 2: doesn´t like, interested in, enjoy, hates, good at, bad at, prefers and terrible at. 
  3. Complete exercise 1 & 2 on page 16 of the Compact students book.


Day 8

November 20

  1. Write 8 sentences with the verbs from number one, page 12. Collect things, draw pictures, listen to music, plan an instrument, play sport, sleep in a tent, take a photo and watch films. Use present simple and present continuous. 
  2. Complete exercise 1 & 2 on page 92 of the Compact Students book.

Day 7

November 13

  1. Learn how to say the time for a test next week. 
  2. Write 3 sentences about your school day. 
  3. Write 3 sentences about your favourite teacher. 
  4. Write 3 sentences about what you do at the weekend. 
  5. Write 3 sentences about your best friend.

Day 6

November 06

  1. Create 5 questions with ´What time do you…..?’ to ask your partner next class. 
  2. Write what time you have lunch, watch TV, do homework, get home, start school, walk to school, wake up and go to bed everyday using the times we practised in class.

Day 5

October 30

  1. Complete page 8 of the Compact Workbook. 
  2. Answer the 6 questions that we made at the end of class.

Day 4

October 23

  1. Complete the stories on page 8 of the Students book, number 3 and the exam task. 
  2. Complete page 6, the Reading activity Part 2 from page 6 of the Workbook, Compact Key for Schools. 
  3. Write down any new vocabulary from page 6 in the workbook in your notebook with the definition. 
  4. Write 5 sentences with the words: place, to spend time, teenagers, above and bedroom.

Day 3

October 16

  1. Learn vocabulary about family from page 7 for a quiz next week. 
  2. Complete Reading & Writing exercise Part 2 from page 74 in the Compact Students book.

Day 2

October 09

  1. Complete task 4 from page 6 in the Compact book.
  2. Complete page 4 of the Compact workbook. 
  3. Create 6 questions with the question words from page 4 of the workbook, exercise 4.

October o2

Day 1

  1. Traer los materiales a cada clase: pencil, pen, rubber, book, notebook, and bottled water.
  2. What did you do this summer? En tu cuaderno, escribe 10 frases mínimo para contarnos lo que hiciste durante tus vacaciones de verano. Where did you go? What did you do? Who were you with? How did you feel? What was your favorite moment? Did you meet any new people or have a new experience?