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Day 19

20 February

  1. Students book page 31, unit 3 revision
  2. Next week we will have a quiz on the dependent prepositions we have been working with in class. Use the worksheet we handed out in class, or look in your students book pg 29
  3. We will also have a quiz on the use of modals. We have also covered them in unit 3, use pg 25 to help you study.

Day 18

13 February

  1. essay: write on a separate sheet of paper to hand in please! Students book page 30
  2. Reading and use of English part 1, students book page 29 exam task

Day 17

6 February

Fill in the 18 sentences with the correct modal. MODALS WORKSHEET

Day 16

29 January

1. Do this Reading and Use of English part 1 practice test. Write your score and take it to class to show us how you did.
2. Sign up to come to the MasterClass on Friday!

Day 15

23 January

  1. Quiz: review the vocabulary we looked at in class, from student’s book page 24, activity 1.
  2. Grammar practice: students book: page 25
  3. Workbook: page 14 (Reading and Use of English Part 1)

Day 14

16 January

  1. Work book: page 7. Do the exam task, use the plans we made in class to help you. Write your article on a seperate sheet of paper to hand in please! We will use this for your grades!

Day 13

9 January

  1. Students book: page 23

Day 12

19 December

  1. Complete the exam we handed out in class today. Do the reading and use of English parts only. Merry Christmas!

Day 11

12 December

  1. Workbook: pg 8 listening. You can download the audio. The link is on the last page of the workbook.
  2.  Workbook: pg 10. Reading and Use of English Part 2 – try and remember the tricks we did in class before answering the questions.

Day 10

5 December

  1. Students book page 20, activity 1
  2. Write 10 sentences using the vocabulary we saw in class from pages 17 and 18

Day 9

28 November

  1. Finish the Writing part 1 for homework.
  2. Students book: page 19 activity 3

Day 8

21 November

  1. STUDENTS BOOK: Please complete page 15. We will mark it for a grade.
  2. In your English class you have been talking about work. Now your English teacher has asked you to write an essay for homework. Write an essay using all the notes and giving reasons for your point of view. Is it better to earn a lot of money or to enjoy your job? Write about:
  1. How much time is spent at work
  2. The type of work which is done
  3. ________________ (your own idea) Write your essay in 140-190 words on  a seperate sheet of paper to hand it in. 

Day 7

14 November

  1. Quiz: Study adjectives with -ed and -ing and also phrases with make and do.
  2. Slides 33&34 Write 100 words about the short film we watched in class and answer the following:
    1. Was the ending surprising
    2. How did it make you feel?
    3. Has your opinion of the boys character changed?
    4. Does the film have a message?
  3. Informal letter: students book page 14. Write the reply to Alex. 140-190 words. Use the checklist 59 check your work.

Day 6

7 November

  1. Take home your essay and see if you can correct the mistakes we have indicated. Bring it in to class next week.
  2. Workbook: page 6, exam task. (R+UOE part 3)
  3. Look at the PHRASAL VERB LIST and revise the first 20 on the list. Write 10 sentences with those verbs
  4. Please sign up for the MasterClass this Friday HERE

Day 5

31 October

  1. Students book: page 13 activities 3, 4 and exam task 
  2. Workbook: page 7
  3. Take home your essay and see if you can correct the mistakes we have indicated. Bring it in to class next week.

Day 4

24 October

  1. Complete pages 4 and 5 of the Compact First WORKBOOK.  Please do the Reading Part 7 activity the same way that we did it in class (read about one person at a time).
  2. Write 100 words about your best friends.  Describe his or her personality, likes and dislikes, how you met and what you enjoy doing together.  Remember to include relative pronouns (who, which, when) to connect your writing.
  3. Quiz: Study adjectives with -ed and -ing and also phrases with make and do.
  4. Click here to view the slides we have looked at in class

Day 3

17 October

  1. Write an essay for homework: Is it better to have a close friendship group with just a few people or a wide  selection of friends? Write 140-190 words. Talk about:
    1. Entertainment
    2. Support when you have problems
    3. Your own idea

Day 2

10 October

  1.  STUDENTS BOOK: pg 9 activities 3, 5 and 
  2. Do activity 6 in your notebook, write complete sentences

Day 1

3 October

  1. Do this Listening part 1 exercise CLICK HERE
  2. Print out a FCE tracking sheet to record your results. Bring it to class so we can check you did your homework!
  3. Write 100 words in your notebook answering: Which area of your country would you like to get to know better?